Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping S Series

Our Semi Automatic stretch wrapping machines with ease of of use and highly efficient are Used in wide selection of industry

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping S Series

Peak Production Speed 30-40 loads/hr
Maximum Load Diagonal 76″
Maximum Load Height 80″
Maximum Load Weight Floor Capacity

Load Handling
Wrap Arm Zone 90″
Wrap Arm Drive 3/4 HP TEFC
Wrap Arm Speed (Variable) 12 RPM

Controls/ Electrical Data
Pallet Grip Standard
XT Cut & Clamp Standard
Film Delivery System Power Roller-Stretch Plus
Standard Pre-stretch 200%
EZ Thread Roll Carriage Standard
Wrapping Force Variable (Electric)
Film Capacity 10″ Roll Diameter
Standard Film Width 20″
Electral 115V, 20A

Machine Shipping Weight
Approximate Shipping Weight 3300 lbs

Service Support
Warranty 3 years