September 13, 2016


Spurred by the need for tamper-evidence, this market has grown in recent years.
Lower cost alternatives, i.e. PVC shrink bands, control cost of the individual product need, however, shrink offers the ability reduce costs through multi packaging with film vs. other packaging alternatives.


Shrink-wrap product packaging is considered one of the most durable packaging options, as the plastics flim is high quality and hard to damage. Shrink-wrap is great for products that require transport, especially if it’s long distance. Shrink-wrap remains pliable under extreme temperatures and the life of Shrink-wrap is one to two years depending on the applications and formulations.

Product can come in all shapes, size and designs, requiring different protection and making it hard to find the best packaging. Shrink-wrap product packaging works on almost any item because it can securely package and product. Because it tightly shrinks over a product to hold it in place, shrink-wrapping a product will fully protect the enclosed items from harmful factors such as dirt, moisture and other damages. This also allows for storage in the refrigerator, ice, or water.

Shrink-wrap product packaging is very affordable compared to other packaging options. In addition, because the plastic film shrinks and encloses tightly onto the product, it saves space, which means shrink-wrapped products do not take up much space in warehouses or factories. In fact, 75% less shrink material is needed compared to corrugated products. Shrink-wrap product packaging requires less space for storage and less space in transport, which means more products can be shipped at once.